Glow in dark Number 7 sign The Liberty Line (Aluminum SIGNS 1x1, 3 RCNY §505-01)

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Glow in dark Number SEVEN sign The Liberty Line (Aluminum SIGNS 1x1, 3 RCNY §505-01)


Size 1 Inch x 1 Inch

Sign has a Double Sided Adhesive Sticker-RED sticker with strong adhesive force

Round Corner: NO

Sign Letter color: Black

Sign Background color: White/ Off white

Sign material: Aluminum

Sign Type: Door Mounted

Sign Glows In the dark: Yes

Photoluminescent Sign: Yes

Emergency Sign: YES

High Intensity glow: Yes

HPD Required sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

DOB NYC Required sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

Fire Department required sign: YES (See Law and regulations)

REQUIRED SIGNS for RESTAURANTS & BARS - N/A (See Law and regulations)

DOT Required Sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

DSNY Required Sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

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FDNY rule 3 RCNY §505-01 sets specific new requirements for apartment and guest rooms. Property Managers/ Owners must be aware of the new local law requirements affecting their properties. All apartment buildings and hotels in New York City must comply with this new rule. At HPDsigns you will find all 3 RCNY 505-01 - Apartment Identification signs required by state, regulations and more.


NYC Safety Law: 3 RCNY 505-01


On June 1st 2016  The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) adopted a new rule, which has become an NYC safety law, namely 3 RCNY 505-01. It is related to the requirements for Apartment and Guest Room Identification and the use of Directional Markings and Signs. All apartment buildings in New York City must comply with the marking and sign requirements by March 30, 2018; Buildings and occupancies with multi-floor dwellings (duplex, triplex) units must install markings by March 30, 2017. This new law, 3 RCNY 505-01 has set specific standards and requirements for the design and placement of entrance door room number markings for dwelling units (for all apartments, guest rooms and sleeping rooms) in Occupancy Groups R-1 and Group R-2 buildings. It further affects the pertinent requirements of lobby and hallway corridor directional signs and designation. The mandatory apartment identification signs are required to assist emergency response personnel in locating apartments when responding to fires, medical emergencies and other emergencies.

The law requires that building owners mark apartment entrance doors with emergency markings that serve to assist firefighters, first responders and building occupants to identify apartment numbers in smoke conditions that obscure the regular (eye-level) apartment door numbers signs. These required low mounted apartment door signs ensure that firefighters can more quickly conduct search and rescue operations. This law must be followed by all buildings in New York City classified as Occupancy Group R-1 and R-2 type buildings.


R-l Residential occupancies containing sleeping units where the occupants are primarily transient in nature, include:

Boarding houses (transient)
Hotels (transient)
Motels (transient)


R-2 Residential occupancies containing sleeping units or more than two dwelling units where the occupants are primarily permanent in nature, include:

Apartment houses
Boarding houses (non-transient)
Fraternities and sororities
Hotels (non-transient)
Live / work units
Motels (non-transient)
Vacation timeshare properties

HPDsigns offers the precise signs needed to comply with rules under 3RCNY 505-01 “Apartment and Guest Room Identification and Directional Markings and Signs,” and 3 RCNY 505-02, “Apartment, Guest Room and Stairwell Fire Emergency Markings”.


To learn more about Local Law 3 RCNY 505-01:

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View the 3 RCNY 505-01 Rules Of NYC

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The New FDNY signage requirements for 2017


New York City residential property owners and managers must be aware of a new local law requirement affecting their properties.

Residential Owners will need to install newly required, “Apartment and Guest Room Identification and Directional Markings and Signs.”

On June of 2016, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) adopted a new rule, 3 RCNY §505-01 which sets specific new requirements for apartment and guest room identification signs along with directional markings and exit signs.


All apartment buildings and hotels in New York City must comply with this new requirement for apartment door markings and and other signs by March 30th of 2018.

Property owners and managers are advised to take heed to abide by this new safety requirement as soon as possible. This low-cost measure will help control the response to a blackout, fire or smoke emergency and possibly help prevent loss of life.

Residential building owners are now required to install signs at entrance doors for all dwelling units (apartments, guest rooms and sleeping rooms) in Group R-1 and Group R-2 buildings and occupancies, as well as in their building’s lobby and hallway corridors.


Apartment and Guest Room Identification and Directional Markings and Signs,


3 RCNY §505-01: Identification and Directional Markings for Group 1 and Group 2 Buildings

What is this law ?

This rule outlines requirements for entrance doors and floors so emergency personnel can identify where they’re headed to within a particular building. Requirements specify where signs should be posted, how high above the floor they must be, and what the design of the signs should look like. Specifics can be found in the body of the law starting on page 4.


When is the effective date to post signs in my building ?

Required markings must be posted in the building on or before March 30, 2017. Markings for buildings seeking a final or temporary CO on or after 6/1/16 must be compliant prior to issuance. That is, according to 3 RCNY §505-01


How can I stay in compliance ?

All signs and signage must be maintained and installed in timely manner. In addition,


3 RCNY §505-02: Apartment, Guest Room, and Stairwell Fire Emergency Markings for Group 1 and Group 2 Buildings. What is it?

This regulation outlines emergency markings for R-1 and R-2 dwelling units (apartments, guest rooms, and sleeping rooms) and stairwell doors with exceptions. The markings are low to the ground (no more than 12 inches above the floor) and placed on the door jambs. Diagrams can be seen starting on page 13 of the law.


What is the effective date?

March 30, 2018. New buildings must comply before occupancy.


What does compliance look like?

Same as the above regulation, annual inspections must be held and recorded. Though the law currently doesn’t list any infractions for failure to comply, it’s safe to say that failing to maintain the markings, signage, and perform and record inspections can result in penalties.


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This is an aluminum “7” SIGN with HEAVY DUTY double sided tape for installation. In NYC use/post sign to inform tenants/owners/guests/officers of door number in facility with proper FDNY designation, HPD designation and aluminum signs