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No Storage in Hallway Sign (10 x 5)

Size: 10 Inch x 5 Inch   (254 MMX127MM)

Sign has mounting holes in each corner.

Round Corner

Material: Aluminum

Sign Thickness is 0.023 of an inch

UPC: 762952455542

Part #: HallwaySign 1204

Sign letters color: black

Sign background color: White

Sign Group : DOB, HPD, Management Hallway Sign, DOB Safety Sign  

SKU: 10505 

 Sign Group: Property Management Signs, DOB Signs, Fire Department Signs, Safety Signs, No Storage Signs, Hallway Signs, No Parking Signs, No Bike Signs, Basement Signs, No Bicycles Signs, Area Identification Signs, No Strollers Signs, Safety Instruction Signs, No Shoes Signs, No Boxes Signs, Public Spaces Signs, No Personal Items Signs

Per NYC Code it is not allowed to store any personal property in hallway.


NYC Code 1027.4.5 Personal Property.
Bicycles, baby strollers, clothing and other items of personal property, excluding those set forth in FC 1027.4.1 through 1027.4.4, shall not be stored in building hallway corridors, except as may be authorized or allowed by the department."

See NYC code NYC Code 1027.4.5 Personal Property in Hallway

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